Trailer Attendant

Part Time

General Description:

            As a lot attendant you are main job duties are to maintain the stores appearance and prepare trailer to be sold. Parts of the duties require you to be on your feet for long periods of time with lifting and bending. 

Detailed Duties:

  • Maintain cleanliness of store and parking lot
    • Janitorial duties that include cleaning bathroom, taking out trash, cardboard and other materials.
    • Picking up garbage around the building and parking lot
  • Unload, clean, add options and arrange trailers
    • Unload trailers using fork lift
    • Add options to specific trailer
    • Install tires that could weigh up to 130lbs.
    • Wash trailer with specific soap and then dry
    • Add license plate and RMI logo sticker
    • Move trailers using fork lift and organize in the designated areas
  • PDI each trailer
    • Tork the lug nuts on each tire
    • Check all lights to confirm they work properly
    • Check the air tire pressure in each tire
      • Pressure amount is written on wall of each tire
    • Once PTI is completed add yellow zip tie to the tonge
  • Assist customers with hook ups
    • Move the trailer to the “pickup/drop off” area
    • Help direct customer with backing their vehicle up to the trailer
    • Verify trailer ball size if correct
    • Verify lights work when hooked to customer vehicle
    • Cross safety chains
    • Hook up breakaway cable
    • Insert safety pin into ball latch
  • Unload and load materials with fork lift

Educational Requirements

  • Fork lift certification
  • PDI trained

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