Contest starts July 22ND, 2023, the opening day of Archery Deer season for Zone B4. Entries for the contest will close October 26TH, 2023. This will give hunters more time to bring in their trophies after deer season ends.

To Enter:

  1. Bring your Trophy with tag attached into RMI Outdoors located at  1240 Broadway Eureka. Bring in the whole deer or just the rack.
  2. An RMI Outdoors hunting associate will give you the score.

RMI Outdoors Scoring system: The complete width of the rack at the widest spread, total height from base to highest point and each point on the antlers, including eye guards, is one additional point each.

  1. Once a score is given you will receive a ticket to enter the raffle for the grand prize.
  2. There are three categories: Private, Public and Archery.


The highest score in each category will receive a $50.00 RMI Outdoors Gift Card.

Raffle Winner will receive a Rifle Scope and a $50.00 RMI Outdoors Gift Card.



  1. B-Zone only
  2. Two entries per hunter
  3. Each hunter must bring in their own trophy. You cannot enter another hunter’s trophy
  4. Each trophy must have a tag attached to the antler
  5. 2023 Deer Tags must be counter signed
  6. Prizes cannot be traded for currency
  7. Archery entries must show “method of take” as Archery
  8. PLM tags are excluded from the private and public categories but are still eligible to enter the grand prize raffle.  

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